Monday, July 7, 2008

Everyone come see us!!!

Jayme, Trevor and I will be riding in the Day's of 47 all horse parade on Saturday!!!

All Horse Parade
Date: 7/12/08
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sandy's South Towne Center10000 S. 240 W.Sandy , UT 84070
The Days of '47 All Horse Parade is fun for people of all ages. Entries in the parade represent the finest horses, carriages, wagons, drill teams and authentic costumes in the West.

We'll be in Burgundy shirts, and black hats, pants and boots! Our flags are purple and white. It should be lots of fun!

A fun 4th of July Weekend!!!

So the Howards had our traditional Park City 4th of July. We had an awesome time swimming at the Peaks Hotel, watching the fireworks at the Park City Mountain Resort.

My Cousin Sofie dipping her feet in the hot tub...She looks so sad!

Trevor and Jayme

Cousin McKay

Front left to right :Amy, Dec, and Aspen. Back left to right: G-ma, Sofie and Jenny

Joshua and Shelly joined us for the fireworks.

They almost didn't make it, but we were glad they did

It isn't easy taking a picture when you can't see the was too dark to see anything!

On Saturday the whole family spent a white-trash day fishing for crawdads at Strawberry Reservoir. We caught two five-gallon buckets full using balloons tied to bacon wrapped around rocks. There was lots of screaming, splashing and swimming. We killed them by twisting off their tails (it was so sad, I felt so bad) at the lake. Ooooh, they were yummy!

Trevor with a handful of the legs, eggs, and mud we cleaned off the little tails. Caviar anyone?

Brook, Trevor, Jenny, and me with the fruits (or tails) of our labor.

We were the ones that got to clean them!

That night we camped out in the backyard. The stars were so beautiful, and it wasn't too cold. It really was a perfect weekend!