Monday, August 10, 2009

WCW District

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Our home for the weekend.

Chillin' in the shade!

Here's the wind up....

...and the throw...

Caught 'em!

Waiting to start the Potato Race

The passing of the potato poky stick. I got the potato first stab...and I made it all the way back to the other barrel with out dropping it! Yay for me!

Trying not to spill the water

Handing off the ladle for the Water Race

Collision! I can't believe we stayed on! My foot is out of the stirrup!

Picking up the rope

Trevor being dragged (I did this too..though they didn't get any pictures of me)

Trevor Chasing his calf

Team time...but nobody else got a time so they'll move on to Regions

Team Penning..trying to separate 3 cows from the herd. That's me on the left "settling the herd" though I didn't really have to cause we got our cows out way fast!

We didn't pen our cow, but we had a blast!

After we took first in Parade!

Aww...Don't we look great!

Pairs Pleasure with Kyla. She was my rock! I couldn't have done it with out her!

We really had a most excellent time! Our team is going to regions in Single Barrel, Team Barrels (Both A and B team*), Single poles, team poles, Team Keyhole, Pony Express, Ladies Pleasure, Pairs pleasure*, Reigning, Ranch Cutting, Team penning, Team roping, Parade*, and Drill*. (I get to do everything with a star.) Last year I was in a different club (Saddle Pals) and the only thing we made it to regionals in was Parade, Drill, Ladies Pleasure, Pairs Pleasure, and the hide race so this is very exciting for our brand new club!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Need something to do Friday night?

The Wasatch County Wranglers in all our glory!(I'm the front middle holding the blue flag)
The Western Riding club that I'm in will be competing in the District Competition this Friday and Saturday!!!

The event is completely free and takes place at the Fair Grounds in Pleasant Grove. We are a brand new club and are really excited to make our mark and show everyone how great we are. Friday is going to be action packed with some crazy fun relay races...but Saturday is the day we'll show our Drill.

I'm in everything with a star! There will be plenty of time between events to have a chat, or let the kids ride around a bit on our horses. Your support would mean bunches to me, too!

District Working Order 2009
Pleasant Grove Aug. 7-8
Friday Aug. 7
6 pm
Grand Entry *
Water race *
Potato race *
Keyhole *
Single Poles
Team Poles
Single Barrels
Team Barrels *
Hide race *
Pony express *
Trailer race
Saturday Aug. 8
Draw for races
Cow cutting
Ladies western pleasure
Mens western pleasure
Pairs western pleasure *
Parade *
Drill *
Grand entry *
Team penning *
Dally team roping
Break a-way
Ribbon pull
Wild cow milking