Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'Tis the Season!

If anyone wants to get into the Christmas Spirit this year I have a couple of FREE performances you could come to.

The first performance is my vocal jazz group "Salt City Jazz" It is in the TB building at the SLCC Redwood campus Friday the 5th at 7:30. We are singing a bunch of traditional Christmas Carols and we're pretty good, so it should be fun. FREE!

Next I will be in the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert playing the bells. If you don't have tickets already, too bad cause they are all gone, but if you do, keep an eye out for me!

Monday Dec 15 I will be participating in the Grand Theaters Messiah; a Community Celebration. This is extremely fun because they mix Gospel and jazz versions into the traditional Messiah, I promise at the end you'll be dancing along.

The last (Phew) concert I will be in is my Bells of Joyful Sound Christmas concert. It is the Sunday before Christmas (The 21st I think) and is also FREE! It will be at the Granger Community Church on 3200 W 4100S. I think the start time will be 7ish.

Whew! I will be a very busy girl this December, but I am very excited about performing! It always puts me in the Christmas Spirit.


Rach said...

Just reading wore me out. We will definitely try to be to at least one performance. Is one or the other better for little ones? Hang in there! before you know it, it will be 2009...

Russ and Liana said...

The bell choir is probably the most fun to watch!

Our Ohana said...

That all sounds loke SO much fun!!! I really miss being a part of that stuff, so I kind of wish I was at least close enough to watch your performances and live vicariously through you! Hope it all goes well and that it doesn't wear you out too much! Love ya,
- Sara xx