Friday, May 15, 2009

How I've spent my spring!

So far, this spring has been really amazing! I've taken a couple great hikes, been fly fishing with my brother and started riding again. We've also had some interesting visitors to the Sorenson household! Here are a few pictures showing what we've been up to!

April 3

I decided I'd had enough of the fake spring in Utah, so Russ and I drove to Zion National Park for the weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, not too hot, and a perfectly blue sky. (I love the color blue the sky seems to be when contrasted with the red rocks of the canyon. I don't think I have ever seen a bluer sky.) Russ and I hiked to Angel's Landing the first day. I love that hike! While the first 2 miles are murder on the lungs, the last half mile with its drop offs is exhilarating! There is such an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach the top. The next day before we drove home I quickly did the Emerald Pools (Russ was feeling a little sore after Angels Landing after twisting his knee). I've never done that hike in the spring. I can't believe how many waterfalls there where. It was definatly worth the extra soreness the next couple of days. I forgot to take my camera to capture the trip so here are a couple pictures stolen from the Internet!

The last 500 feet on the trail to Angel's Landing.

It's a good thing those chains are there,

cause I sure used them!

The view from the top. It feels like you're on top of the world up there, but, there is another hike that is called Observation point. It's 8 miles r/t and actually looks down onto Angel's Landing. Maybe next year...

Looking down onto the switchbacks. Fear of heights is not an option!

One of the many waterfalls on the Emerald Pools trail.

The upper Emerald Pool.

Salt Lake Hikes

My goal this summer is to go on a hike every week. So far its been slim pickins' on my trail choices because of all the late season snowfall. I've been on 3 hikes so far and two trails. So far Echo has been a great little hiking buddy. She seems to know when I'm going and rushes out the front door before I can close it. If the car is open she hops right in and waits patiently in the back seat.

Grandeur Peak

Again, I forgot my camera. I had to trek through quite a bit of snow, which made the hike that much harder, but I made it to the saddle (I couldn't make it the last 500 yards because there was was too much snow to get to the summit) but from you still get some great views of Salt Lake.

The well maintained trail leads to Grandeur Peak, one of the more prominent peaks of the Wasatch, and a great view out over the city. The trailhead is at the Church Fork picnic area.

Location: In Millcreek Canyon just east of Salt Lake City

Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: 5.6 mile round trip.

Elevation: 2400 feet

Time to Allow: 3-4 hours

Season:Late-May to October

Salt Lake Overlook

I've done this one twice, once by myself and once with a friend. The second time I actually remembered to take my camera!

Desolation Trail to Valley Overlook

Length: 4.8 mile round trip

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: Hike through forest and along open hillsides to a vista overlooking Salt Lake Valley. Trailhead is in Mill Creek Canyon, just past Millcreek Inn (about 3.4 miles from the canyon mouth). I hit a little bit of snow on this one, but I bet by now it's almost gone. I love this hike! You wind your way through forest until you turn that final turn and there is the Valley. It completely sneaks up on you!

Fly Fishing

My brother, Trevor asked me to start fishing with him this summer. I figured it was about time I live up to the Howard legacy, so I've been going once a week. The first two Thursdays we hit the Middle Provo where I caught a bunch of little Brown Trouts. Yesterday we went to the Weber where I caught an OK sized Brown and two large (but ugly) white fish. I've found out how much I love fly fishing and I feel myself becoming more comfortable with the fly rod. It's amazing to me how time seems to slip away when I'm on the river. I don't need any of the usual distractions I need in "real life". Instead of listening to my music I really enjoy listening to the sound of the river. The constant flow of the river flowing over rocks, the cries of hawks in the distance, the swooping of swallows as they catch flies on the surface of the river, and the chirp of frogs in the nearby ponds.

Wasatch County Wranglers

This year Jayme and Trevor kicked off a riding club in Heber. (They were tired of driving the horses to Salt Lake once a week.) Practices started about two months ago, but because of other obligations I haven't been able to go. Now that school's out and Bell Choir is done I am able to ride again. Because my horse can be a bit of a butt head, I am riding a neighbors horse. Her name is Dixie, she is a Paint and she is perfect. It is so nice having a horse that will do what I tell her. Her trot isn't too bouncy, and her lope is smooth. I'm so excited for future practices!

Wildlife Week

I came home from something last week to find Russ home from work. It turns out he had come home from work early to help Mike with the 50 lb beaver that found his way into our back yard! Mike had gone outside to investigate why the dogs were going nuts. There he found Mr. (or Mrs.) Beaver cornered! We have no idea how he got into our yard, but Mike and Russ sucessfully got him back over the fence into the golf course with out any incidents. Mike did call animal control first, but found out that if they come to pick up an animal they have to put it down. I'm actually impressed that they would let us know that before it was too late! The same day Russ found two snakes in my Strawberry patch and a mama duck with 6 baby ducks on our front porch.

I have lots more pictures to add, but blogger is being dumb and won't let me add them. I'll try later. :)


Rach said...

So fun to hear what you've been up to! Let me know if you you need a couple of hiking buddies...for some of those "shorter" hikes :) We'd love to join you!

Our Ohana said...

what a wonderful way to spend your summer!!! Get more pictures, they are great to look at! Wish I were there to join you!
- Sara xx

Moose Spot said...

Whew! Girl, you are busy! I love your hiking goal, I need to get my kids and follow your example. I did go on a short hike not far from my home, but I need to start gearing up for our trip to Moab! ;) Say "hi" to Sam & the fam.