Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bryce Canyon

This weekend Russ and I went on a camping trip to Bryce Canyon with my cousin Sarah and her hubby Ben. They've been married for about 2 years, but because they live in Ceder City, we've never really had the chance to get to know Ben. In fact, because Sarah and her family (Uncle Don and Aunt Debbie and Co) always lived so far away I didn't really get to hang out with Sarah much growing up. We had a great time getting to know each other!

Ben and Sarah

Ben and Sarah got there first and found us a killer (FREE!!!) campsite. The plan was to meet them at approximately 8:30 at a visitors center at the junction due to lack of cell service. We rolled into town about an hour than expected and could not find the visitors center they were talking about. We drove back until we found one in Red Canyon, but we weren't sure it was the right one. We waited about 10 minutes after we were supposed to meet and I decided we would drive until I got cell service then we would wait there until I could get in touch with Sarah. Luckily she had the same idea. So we were able to connect without any problem. (The Visitor's Center Sarah was thinking of was not even in Bryce!) It was just about dark when we got there so Russ and I set up our tent while Sarah made us a dinner of mac and cheese and hot dogs. Ben and Russ got a fire going, quite impressive considering the wood was wet, so we toasted Mallows and made s'mores with Andes mints. Yum!

After a chilly night, (we think it was so cold because the air was so damp) we woke up to a gorgeous blue sky. We ate a quick breakfast, made our lunches and headed for the canyon. We hiked Fairyland loop.

Here is's description of the hike:
Fairyland Loop Trail begins at Fairyland Point, at the northern portion of the park, and takes you through spectacular hoodoos and scenery along the rim and into the canyon; including a spur trail to Tower Bridge. The Fairyland Loop Trail also includes a portion of the Rim Trail from Sunset Point to Fairyland Point.This hike is considered strenuous due to its length and meandering trails with multiple elevation changes. It is best to carry plenty of water, 1 quart (liter) for every 2-3 hours of hiking per person, as this hike typically takes 4-5 hours round trip over the 8 mile (12.9 km) length. In the summer sun screen or large brim hats are recommended and are even a comfort year round to avoid sunburn.

Topographical image of Fairyland Loop Trail

The hike had just started, and we were going down hill, so we're still in good spirits!

Tower Bridge. This is where we had lunch.

Me and Sarah!

Going down. Look at that sky!

And that sky! Southern Utah has my favorite sky. Its just so blue!

After our exhausting hike we decided to cool our feet at Tropic Reservoir with a little fishing. (Ben and I fished, Sarah sketched, and Russ enjoyed the sensation of the baby fishies nibbling his toes. We all enjoyed that last bit actually!) The cool water completely refreshed our tootsies!

After our non-productive fishing trip it was back to camp to start dinner. We made tinfoil dinners with a twist! My Uncle just got back from a fishing trip in Alaska where he caught tons of Salmon! He very generously gave me an entire side of fresh caught wild Alaskan Salmon! We brought it along and cooked it with squash, zucchini, potatoes, shallots, carrots, butter, and dill. It was probably the best meal I have ever had on a camping trip!

With his welding gloves, fire is no mach for Russell Muscle!

After a beautiful sunset, Ben and Russ built a bonfire. (What is it with boys and fire?) We had some more S'mores, some hot chocolate, and went to bed. This night was much warmer, and we slept so much better. (Though at about 3 in the morning I had to potty, which is never fun when there isn't a bathroom!)

Yes, that is a log sticking up out of the fire. Sigh....boys....

The next morning we broke down camp and drove to Mossy Cave for one last hike.


Playing in the waterfall! (The rocks were very poky and ouchy on bare feet!)

In mossy cave. It wasn't very mossy though.

The traditional tourist photo!

Thanks so much, Sarah and Ben, for an amazing trip!


garybeckyandkids said...

Awesome pictures! What fun, someday soon we will have to do a Sorenson camping trip. Maybe we'll leave mom and dad at home with all the kids then go camping. Sound good? Hope all is well- you guys look great in the pictures!

Our Ohana said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I love the one of the waterfall. I'm totally in for a family camping trip! Would October be too late in the year for something like that?

I ove reading about your hikes! Keep the stories coming!
- Sara xx