Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Due to the slowing economy, I have lost all of my hours at Riverton Music. :(
Rather then hunt for a new job, I have decided to put all of my focus on teaching piano. I now have studio space at the Riverton Music in West Valley (4100 S Bangerter Hgwy) so I will be teaching there and in my home 4 days a week. I charge $60 per month for a half hour lesson once a week.
Please tell everyone you know who might be looking to start their little ones on the piano.


Our Ohana said...

Good for you, Liana! I love teaching the piano! Hope you find enough students to fill your schedule! I've always found that the church is such a perfect place to find them since playing the piano is a pretty important skill among us Mormons:) Go hang out in the Primary room and talk to the moms there - they'll be clammering to get their kids at your house!
- Sara xx

Russ and Liana said...

I have actually been teaching for 5 years so I already have a few students. :) I'm just expanding! And raising my prices. ;) I love teaching!