Friday, March 26, 2010

Look Ma, I'm Blogging!!

Well! It seems like it has been years and years since my last post, and I guess that would be pretty close. I honestly think it is because for some reason this computer does not like upload my pictures to blogspot and that frustrates me, so I stop whatever it is I was about to post. I swear I won't give up this time. I won't, I won't, I WON'T!!

But, things for us are a changin' so I guess its about time to post.

A little bit about me: I suffer from Clinical Depression. It's in my family, so it's genetic. (Don't worry, I didn't have a horrible childhood and I certainly don't have Mother issues.) Most of the time I can deal, but lately I have been getting worse and worse in the winter. The icky smog and skyless weeks and weeks have made even getting dressed seem like too much. A few weeks ago, I bottomed out. The house was a disaster, I was upset about my infertility and with all the chemical things going on in my brain and body it was just....argh. It got so bad that I lost my job for taking too many sick days. Things were already tight enough and without a job I started to feel things spiraling out of control. I was desperately looking for some sort of reset button. Well, we found it!

We're moving to Heber!!
What's in Heber you ask? Well, let me tell you!

1. Blue skies in the winter. There may be more snow and it might be 10 degrees colder (that does mean it is 10 degrees cooler in the summer, btw) but there is almost no smog! That means lots and lots of sunshine, which is very very good for me.

2. My horse is up there. Riding is so therapeutic for me. I would ride everyday if I could. So many times I was invited to go up and ride with my brother and dad, but couldn't make myself get up to go. Now, I can go ride whenever I want. Also, you can come up and ride, whenever you want!

3. The Provo River is RIGHT THERE! Fly Fishing is also a great way for me to relax. There is something about standing in a beautiful spot, watching and listening to the wildlife that is all around me. The mountains are my Heaven.

4. My family is up there. My parents made the move up to Heber about 5 months after we got married. We used to spend weekends up there...but lately it has turned into every-other Sunday. Now my brothers are both married and have chosen to live in Heber and Orem. I miss them, I do. We have been SO BLESSED to have lived so close to Russell's family for 8 years. I think this way we might actually see them more. Deena has graciously agreed to let me teach my piano lessons at her house on Wednesdays so I don't have to give up my students. (I will be down here for Bell Choir anyway, and I'm most definitely not giving up Bells on Temple Square!) Also, I'm sure there will be many nights spent at their home when driving through a snowy canyon doesn't seem like the best plan.

5. It's a small town, but Provo is only 20 minutes away.

I know that Russell is 100% doing this for me. He told me that I mean more to him then a house, or a 40 minute commute. He can see that since we have made this decision I have been happier and more motivated than I have been in a really long time. He knows that a happy Liana=a happy Russell. I think that being able to get out and work with his hands more will give Russ some happiness too.

We have decided that instead of looking for a new house up there, we are going to take a step back and live in an apartment for a while. This way we can afford fertility treatments, adoption if need be, get our savings back, and get our credit back up. Having a house has been great, but we will be just fine with a 2 bedroom apartment for a while.

Because of this, we have said "Goodbye" to our babies Echo and Loki. We know that finding loving homes for our dogs would be easier than trying to find a place that would let us have 3 dogs. Echo went to our good friends Travis and Angela who love her as much as we did. She is in heaven there. We had a harder time, unfortunately finding a home with friends for Loki. He went to a family we found on I haven't heard from them, but I'm sure he is loved and having a great time terrorizing their Chihuahua. It was very hard letting them go, but as much as I miss them, I don't miss cleaning up after them. (We kept Odin, of course! I think if I told Russ it was "me or the dog", he would have gone with the dog. :)

The past month has been filled with cleaning out closets, deep cleaning, and painting painting painting!! We are just about done with that, with a little bit of trim to go. Whew! What a project that has been, but now that it is done the house looks better then ever. We are crossing our fingers for a fast sale. If you know anyone in the market, send them our way!

PS I'll post some pictures soon!


remington and mindy said...

Love you Liana! We are so glad you guys are making this change (even though you'll be further away). I know this is something you have wanted for a while now, so happy you're finally making the move. We wish you the best!!

Sam said...

You left on comment on my blog and you blogged! I'm so proud!!! I can see that this move will be really good for both of you and am happy for you. I'll miss you, so we still have to find time for each other! Love ya!

Rach said...

I couldn't believe it when your blog showed up @ the top of my blog list! Yay! You're going to have to keep this up with you guys being further away. Best wishes for a quick and easy sale. Love you guys!

Our Ohana said...

Hugs to you, Liana! I wish I could give you a real one! I'm so sorry about all you have been going through this year. I realy hope this move is the change you need to heal, and that it will brighten you spirits every day! Love you
- Sara xx