Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Monday night I got to see my favorite band in the whole wide world.

I found out they were coming to Salt Lake back in November and got my tickets the minute they were available. Our tickets were General Admission so we were squished up next to people I've never met, stepped on, pushed, and and even bonked on the head once....and I LOVED every minute of it!

Here is my wristband. Proof that my elbows were indeed sharp enough to survive the pushing and the shoving and the mean tall people trying to steal my spot. :)

Silversun Pickups opened the show...I really like them too so it was a super bonus to see them live.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that their bass player was a girl. (Girl Power)

Between sets. Waiting for MUSE!

These are from my phone, so not the greatest pics ever. Oh well.

There he is on the piano. Matthew Bellamy (Lead singer and guitarist) is actually amazingly talented on the piano. Most of their albums will feature a classical piece.

Here we are after our stroll in the snow. We didn't want Russ to get stuck in the post concert traffic so we met him at the gas station a block away. Burr!
They were without a doubt the best live show I have ever seen. (I'm not the only one who says that either!) I will go for sure the next time they are in town, or even just close to town. My ears rang all day yesterday, but it was totally worth it.
Note: I just want to say that I loved Muse before Twilight made them popular. ;)

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Our Ohana said...

What an awesome night! I'm so jealouse that you got to go to a concert and rock the night away! I'm glad you had so much fun!