Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I smell like a campfire.

I have had many backyard projects this year. (I completely let my backyard go last year. A shame, really, as it is a very nice backyard to spend time in.) After clearing out the side yard and the patio I was (am) left with the "garden". This has never actually been a garden. It's really just been a plot of dirt that we left so that we could have a garden. Every year I say, 'this is the year we are planting' and we never do. Anyway, all the time without attention has left it quite a mess. Also, Russ has been dumping the lawn clippings there. Now that we are selling, I have decided that a nice little perk for buying the house would be to have a garden all ready to go. I finally started work.

Here is what I started with. I wasn't sure how to deal with the brush...they were just too big and poky to try and throw away....So a came up with a solution!

I decided to burn them!!! I dragged them across the yard over to our little fire pit and ended up with this huge pile! I then wondered if this was even possible or if I had gotten in over my head.

Getting them to light wasn't a problem, but they burned so fast that keeping the fire lit required some spare lumber which I cut down with Russell's power saw. (I love feeling handy.)

Turns out, it all went much faster then I thought. It was hot and my arms got scratched up pretty good breaking everything down into smaller pieces, but I finished!!!!

The leftovers

All done!!!

(With the brush anyway. Tomorrow I will be cleaning out the grass and tilling up the soil. I hope it is all worth it!)


remington and mindy said...

Wow look at you go! That's a ton of work!! I hope it's all worth it too-hopefully you'll get to benefit from it?? Good Luck!

Our Ohana said...

Good work, Liana! I love that campfire smell...

Paige said...

Tons of work. And what a fun blog. I didn't know you were a cowgirl!